The new Goodwill store building was designed by Belli Architectural Group. Located on North Main Street in Salinas, it serves as a multipurpose facility, designed with utility and sustainability in mind to help Goodwill Industries save time and money in its efforts to support our community.

The landscape design echoes the modern approach of the architecture. The plant pallet was selected to comply with the new Low Impact Development (LID) guidelines that the City of Salinas adopted. EPD worked close with the civil engineering firm to develop bio swales and detention ponds to achieve maximum onsite post development storm water infiltration. Planting areas and swales were designed to clean and infiltrate storm water on site. Sedges, rushes and other native trees and shrubs usually found in the wild form an untraditional, functional and sustainable landscape.

Irrigation design features a smart controller and onsite weather station to keep irrigation water use to a minimum. Water budget calculations complied with the Water efficient Landscape Ordinance that the City of Salinas adopted.
The project scope included conceptual design, design development, construction documentation, technical specifications, bid assistance and construction observation.