La Gloria

The La Gloria Senior Apartments is an infill project by CHISPA (Community Housing Improvement Systems and Planning Association, Inc.)

The project, is located In East Salinas at 531 & 539 East Market Street provides 23 units, for extremely low and very low-income seniors.

The 3 story building features a center courtyard garden with a fountain, benches and a lush planted landscape with olive and citrus trees to invite residence to gather outdoors.

A rooftop patio maximizes the use of outdoor space providing additional table seating, umbrellas and raised planters. EPD worked with the mechanical engineer to bring irrigation to the individual balcony planters that were filled with trailing geraniums to generate curb appeal.

The surrounding landscape complies with the City of Salinas Low Impact Development storm water management guidelines, featuring a street tree and traffic calming bump out to be a first step towards the larger effort of the City of Salinas to redevelop an attractive streetscape for the East Market district.