Mediterranean Garden

The coastal climate of Pebble Beach, California, is perfectly suited to provide a home for plants native to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

As an example of how to create beautiful, colorful landscapes with water conservation in mind, this design features lush, but sustainable, low maintenance plantings that complement the Tuscan style architecture. Olive trees, New Zealand Flax, Chrysanthemums, Bidens and Santa Barbara Daisies are all drip irrigated.

This garden leads visitors to the front door with large stepping stones of natural stone lined with colorful drought tolerant plantings. Three fountains bring the essence of Sun King’s gardens of France to Pebble Beach in California. The Neptune fountain is the focal point leading the way to the front door, another fountain creates the terminated view at the end of the car court. It is an antique 6 foot tall vase that pours water out and disappears into a hidden basin below. It is framed with olive trees and other lush colorful plantings making the use of water thirsty turf unnecessary. The third fountain is placed in the hidden terraced garden below facing towards the ocean. Columnar trees lead the eye to the blue skies above. A dry creek, fields of lavender, olive trees and purple plums lead down towards a grassy meadow. The fences of the property line disappear beyond trees and shrubs making the landscape seem to not end until the ocean below.