Site planning is a process, which may include collecting a site inventory, feasibility studies, evaluating opportunities and constraints, and summarizing a concept in a master plan. The resulting design guidelines manifest the goals and vision for a project. Every site is unique. Whether a project will be a large park, a housing development, office building, or residential backyard, EPD can assist in defining a vision and setting a program based on specific needs and desires.engineered irrigation design.


Since 1972 the Clean Water act requires every project to address storm water management. For EPD, this is an opportunity to transform storm water runoff into an on-site feature. From green roofs to ponds, dry creek beds, and bio swales, innovative grading design can create beautiful outdoor spaces, which help conserving our drinking water resource, keep contaminants out of our streams, rivers and oceans, and prevent flooding. Effective storm water management defends against saltwater intrusion while maintaining base flow in our rivers to keep fish alive.


A growing population and finite availability of water demand that every project must conserve water. EPD will develop an attractive, sustainable, drought tolerant planting palette. Designing with texture, color, repetition and contrast add curb appeal to commercial centers, subdivisions, shopping centers and residences.


EPD provides necessary irrigation design and water budget calculations for project approval by City or County agencies and Water districts. EPD is familiar with the State Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance that went in effect as of January 1st, 2010 and specifies only waters conserving irrigation equipment utilizing ET-based irrigation controls. Rainwater harvest systems may be planned when viable.


Landscape lighting establishes outdoors spaces after the sun sets. Light fixtures are selected for function and safety, but should also bring your outdoor space to live. EPD provides creative, cost effective landscape lighting solutions that are up to date with state of the art lighting equipment, in regards of energy conservation.


EPD provides in-house CAD services, and can take your project from concept through design development to a set of construction documents. Services include the design of water features, greenhouses, gazebos, trellises and arbors, outdoor kitchens, fire places, fire pits, pools, ponds, spas, hard scaped patios, plazas, play grounds, athletic recreational facilities and more. Proper cost projection can assist with the bidding procedure. Construction documents form the basis of subsequent contracts with contractors.